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Things have been incredible the last while. It seems as if I’ve spent the last few years trying to get here. I’ve been researching, organizing, and tweaking my core values, priorities, systems, tools, and disciplines.

I’ve finally reached a precious sweet spot (at least for the time being), where my life feels in-synch with how things ought to be. It’s been a long journey of trial and error and discovery, but I’m absolutely convinced that the habits and foundations i’ve been laying down over time will shape a destiny.

I’m a bit drained from trying to finish my Greek Exegesis paper last night, but that’s because ‘date night’ with my wife tonight is a priority in my life. My walk with the Lord has been a become a consistant jog with spurts of running, my finances & budget is in order, i have processes for idea capturing, archiving and actioning, i’m now on year 4 of our 30 year plan and on track, i have an amazing community in which I lead but that also supports me, I have key relationships of all sorts in which i’m investing my life in, my family has been getting along better than ever, i’m solid at work, emails are responded to, i’m journaling and reflecting, i’m growing professionally and personally at a sustainable pace, I wake up excited in the mornings, and Yvonne, well she adds fuel to my fire and totally rocks!

As a relentless dreamer, I’m always longing for more than I can handle. Which means the things that need to get done are always piling up. I’ve been thinking of all these tasks-that-seem-to-slow-me-down as line items on a credit card bill. I can keep dreaming with incremental gains while being docked heavy interest mentally, OR I can consistantly keep that mental space clear so that I have even more room for dreaming, creativity, running free, moving forward, and all that exciting stuff.

One of my latest life changes, was finally taking care of myself. My physical health and well-being has been a final frontier that has always plagued me. Moving to our present condo with the gym facilities was very strategic in helping me with this particular goal.

Truth is, i’ve never really spent a lick of energy on my health. I still remember eating open chocolate bars i’d find on the streets, and sucking cheese and gravy from straws in high school. I wouldn’t sleep for as much as four days in a row cramming text books i had never opened before for exams. Before I got married, I did like 10 push ups, and decided I was ready and ‘presentable’… hilarious! The last couple months i finally started hitting the gym 3-5 times a week, staying active and watching what I eat.

It’s been simply incredible being able to see the potential in each day that i’m blessed with on this earth. It’s like i’ve been living in hole, and i’m just starting to live overground.

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  • Samuel Wong November 2, 2005, 10:04 pm

    hey lon, that’s amazing to hear… i’ve always looked up to you and i still do 🙂 i think we need to chat more.. sounds like your past self is my current self 🙂 but so awesome to hear how you’re doing

  • Alan Liu November 4, 2005, 5:28 pm

    Wow! If God can work such change though blokes like you, perhaps there is hope! 🙂

    Keep blessing, the obvious result of a life fully blessed and knowing it.

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