September 2005

At cruising altitude…

I’m writing from the plane for the first time. I bring my laptop with me every time, but aside from the odd times I get caught up in an engaging conversation with the stranger next to me, I never do any writing, quite honestly, because I’m paranoid that they’ll be watching my every keystroke and […]

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In Atlanta…

I’m in Atlanta this week on business. I hate being away from home, but I’ve got to say it’s a blessing being able to travel and see different cities. I’ve probably taken well over 50 flights the last few years I’ve got so say flights still make me nervous. I wonder how many people have […]

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random links

Heading to Ottawa for the weekend… Here’s what’s wierd.. game cube revolution controller video clip IBM… where I work… is offering employees money and benefits to leave the company for good and become teachers. The Micah Challenge.

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The Kingdom of God…

I led our small group through a discussion on the kingdom of God this week. We touched on odd passages referring to the kingdom being near, being in you, being on earth, being in process, even ‘forcefully advancing’… We spent part of the evening going through a creative exercise on what a kingdom, any kingdom, […]

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