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StrengthsFinder Assessment…

Hey readers, jvdworak of Bethel Seminary and LeadershipVision is profiling me today using my StrengthsFinder results on his blog. Feel free to head over there and add your thoughts on what you think my strengths / challenges are in the comments field. Thanks!

I’ll be including my comments there a bit later as well.

Two statements on my mind today…

I started reading Len Sweet’s “Out of the Question… into the mystery“. Sweet says, “People are losing the art of living with one another. Relationship is the soul of the universe. And the soul is sick.”

The other statement that struck me during our sunday gathering this week was when our pastor talked about what it meant to be ‘chosen’. While we often have an ‘us vs. them’ mentality, he described how “being chosen throughout the scriptures was not to the exclusion of others but for the benefit of others”. Amazing.

Relationships are everything. That’s why i’m glad to find ‘includer’ in the top five of my strengthsfinder results.

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