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Longing for the character of Christ…

This is us with Jeremy and Rochelle, who are a core part of our Discovering God group this past year. Over the long weekend, we hung out at the beaches, had a rooftop bbq, and watched the fireworks. It was completely refreshing.

Waves of busyness have been slamming against us the last while, hence the lack of blog posts. One particular theme that has been rising to the surface in my conversations with God and in our small group study through the book of Philippians is that of character. Particularly my lack of desire for the character of Christ.

My yearnings to have the heart of God formed in me pale in comparison to my endless prayers for more wisdom in my studies, more capabilities in my ministries, and more time to accomplish things. I’m just like the next dude, when you sum it up, who really just wants God to give me his omni’s… his omniscience, his omnipotence, and his omnipresence. Yet these are the very things I will never have, which makes me kinda lame. Observing Jesus, it seems these are the very things he emptied himself of when he walked the earth, and still, he lived the most incredible life imaginable.

How often do we get on our knees and beg for humility? or compassion? or thankfulness? In Christ, God passionately longs to forge in us his heart and his character. But do we even really want it?

May we begin to desire God to change our character as much as we desire him to change our circumstances.

There’s already a flickr photo group on this morning’s London Bomb Blasts.
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A Rollingstone article on christian’s and purity – the young and the sexless. Hilarious

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  • JV Dworak July 26, 2005, 12:34 pm

    L – I am going to work with your StrengthsFinder results on my blog probably Thursday – would love your feedback and interaction, and your readers! -JVD

  • Lon July 27, 2005, 9:40 am

    Thanks JVD, will do, can’t wait!

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