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Mystic Nation…

My brain’s been cramped the last while. I’ve been taking several professional development classes at work on the ‘voice of leadership’ as well as ’emotional intelligence’. More profiling still to be done. Greek’s been happening two nights a week, and I think i just bought a home.

This will be a substition post via Alex McManus and the iMosaic discussion.

Mystic Nation is a code word for the decentralized yet connected community of Mystic Warriors that make up ONE expression of iMosaic’s missional potential. Rumor is that this Mystic Nation is real but you must know a Mystic Warrior to become one.Imagine this a house church leader in the south whose group meets at the local coffee shop twice a week, a Christ following musician in Brasil whose band practices three times per week and whose members gather with their friends and family for a cookout once per month.
Both keep their immediate communities and a larger following in touch via blogs, chat rooms, email lists, email newsletters, etc.

Both have communities filled with pre believers, both don’t sense the need or benefit of integrating these groups into a local church, but they don t want to be lone rangers. They want to identify with a global Christ following movement that has moved beyond established and traditional forms. They are mystic warriors in search of a nation.

What are the possibilities for a new kind of church that is smaller and more decentralized than a house church and yet larger with more mobilization power and more connectivity than a mega church? Might the era of the house church and the era of the mega church be past and the time ripe for something that integrates the best of both?

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