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Moby and Relevant…

A couple quotes from Relevant’s interview with Moby (Thanks to Existential Punk for the tip)

As a Christian, I feel very shut out from a lot of contemporary Christianity. My understanding in what it means to be a Christian is to, in our own subjective way, recognize Christ as being God, and recognize our shortcomings and our failings, and try and live according ot the teachings of Christ as best we can. And what I find so strange is I look at the behavior of so many Christians, and I don’t see any aspect of the teachings of Christ represented there. But [I remember] the quote about taking the log our of your own eye before you can see the speck in someone else’s eye, so I don’t want to get in the position of judging other Christians. I fully admit that a lot of my actions and a lot of things that are still in my life are inconsistent with my beliefs as a Christian. I’m very secular.”

“So maybe it’s time for a new Martin Luther, who’s gonna come along and say, ‘Live how you want to live, do what you want to do. But if you’re going to call yourself a Christian, at least know the teachings of Christ. And at least understand the character of Christ.”

” ‘One of my other favorite quotes is, “Those who are sick are in need of a doctor.” And the sad thing is we’re all sick. It’s part and parcel of the human condition, and it’s especially part and parcel of living in the United States in the 21st century. We’re all sick. We’re all deeply unhappy, disconnected, unwell people. We need each other, and we need God. And if God made the universe and if God made us and if God made the world, it just makes sense to invite God into our lives and ask Him, “You made me – what should I be doing?” ‘ ~ Moby

Other Random Links

Thunderstruck.org – I love this site, i’m surprised i didn’t discover it earlier.
Sex and the Supremacy of Christ – Videos now also available from some of the talks. The John Piper ones seem to be missing though.
Wrong about porn – Article on feminism’s failure to change the way men view women
HousingMaps -Another GoogleMap Hack – Hopefully we’ll find ourselves a place soon.
IBM just got into the Tablet market – Thinkpad x41 Tablet
Acts29 – Bootcamp 2005 Audios
Donald Miller of Blue Like Jazz – message on Rethinking Relationships via Veritas Forums.

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