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“We live. . . in a world drenched in God.
And some people seriously ask you: ‘Where is God?’
Maybe a better question would be, ‘Where isn’t God?’
I mean, his fingerprints are all over our world.
Or maybe it’s his world and they’re our fingerprints.”
~ Rob Bell

Detroit Press just wrote an article on Rob’s Church, Mars Hill.
Sounds like he’s doing the book thing as well, Velvet Elvis is pre-orderable at amazon.

Just glancing at the church site, book cover, and the Nooma series I’ve got on my shelf, it seems he’s got the clean, sleek, Apple interface going on everything… Something about it calls out to me, almost subversively suggesting that I should switch systems.

Or maybe it’s just me, secretly longing for the ‘fingerprints’ of mac on my pc world. I don’t want a mac. I don’t want a mac…

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