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Shaving with sissors…

I had twenty minutes before people came over for small group and figured i’d have Yvonne quickly shave my head as she always does. I should’ve noticed something was wrong when the clippers were rusty orange. We also ran out of the machine oil that the clippers came with so I told Yvonne to just use some canola oil. To my surprise the clipper blades didn’t work at all. I decided I would just randomly hack away at it with sissors myself.

I wish I took more pictures. I got too excited and nothing else turned out. All I have is this 30 second video clip of me slicing and dicing.

Which reminds me, i’ve also put up a couple clips and pictures of our small group at our small group blog, life2gether.

Bruce ended up bringing me a new clipper, and i cleaned it up a bit this morning.

I think I’ll use this in the cover of my next hip-hop album.

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  • Anonymous April 27, 2005, 8:26 pm

    L-L-L Lon-Unit!

    Simply amazing.

  • *Heathluvsing* May 5, 2005, 7:14 am

    When worse gets to worse, just shave it all off! At least you can do that. I cut Adam’s hair (my hubby) but he would kill me if things didn’t work out well. When we started moving around to do ministry, I decided that I would buy clippers and cut his hair because we didn’t know where to go to get it done. Plus, it saves money, and his hair is pretty easy. Good luck with the new doo!

  • Lon May 8, 2005, 7:45 am

    Thanks all…. yes it should be worth it. i worked out the math. shaving my head saves me maybe two x ten dollar hair cuts, and maybe 5 dollars in hair products over the next 90 days. And even if I spent 2 minutes a day in any way grooming my hair over 90 days, that’s 180 minutes! so 25 bucks and 3 hours saved! I know i’m stretching it, but it’s my only way of justifying the grow out phase that never looks good.

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