April 2005

Shaving with sissors…

I had twenty minutes before people came over for small group and figured i’d have Yvonne quickly shave my head as she always does. I should’ve noticed something was wrong when the clippers were rusty orange. We also ran out of the machine oil that the clippers came with so I told Yvonne to just […]

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Church Planting Canada – National Congress

I just registered for Mosaic 2005. I think I’m the first one, judging by my reference number. Am I the only one excited about this? Must be because I’m a noobie. Erwin McManus is doing the three plenary night sessions. Dr. Samuel Donkor, Ray Aldred (a keynote at Urbana 2003), and Joyce Heron are also […]

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A missionary was sharing about his experiences in China at our church yesterday. The one thing that got me was the heart of the Christian leaders there. Under daily oppression and persecution one of the Christian leaders he met there had been anticipating police raiding his home and taking him to jail that night. Unlike […]

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Passion & Purity

Our church will be beginning a new sunday school format this may. Four week, two hour sessions that include lunch. Yvonne and I will be leading a class on sexuality. I wanted to call it “Sex Ed. with the Wong’s”, but “Passion & Purity” is probably more appropriate. Here’s a preview blurb of what’s to […]

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Now is the time…

Since birthing our small group into three separate groups in January, the one that Yvonne and I lead hit 15 people last night! It’s absolutely amazing how God has wired us all to long for life in community and yearn for truth in our lives. We continued our study through the Scriptures in James. Our […]

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It is finished…

I’ve finally completed my last major paper. Here it is, on missiological ecclesiology. I have no idea what that really means either, but it sure sounds cool. I stumbled along two excellent books in my research. Spontaneous Expansion of the Church by Roland Allen (Which Alex McManus had also recommended reading) and Shaped by God’s […]

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