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Two new messages out of Mosaic. This one is classic Erwin, as they launch a series on the Barbarian way, coinciding with the new book. This second one I found particularly interesting because it was very pastoral, addressing only their leadership staff. Sounds like God’s blessing them with 20 acres. I pray they don’t ever settle and that this really is going to be a platform for the city.

Interesting article on worship as evangelism here.

Just started perusing through Follow the Rabbi with Ray Vander Laan, a follower of Jesus who decided to take Jewish studies at Yeshiva University. I had heard that when he went there in the 80s there wasn’t a single person who didn’t have the entire OT memorized. His ministry has really helped put context into the Jewish world the Jesus entered. Rob Bell seems to get a lot of his material from here as well.

National Church Planting Congress coming to Toronto in November. I’ll be there for sure. Any joiners?

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  • tony February 6, 2005, 11:21 pm

    Good stuff… thanks for the links!

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