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I love this image, pulled off of leadershipvision – Despite being cramped on a moving train – not allowing circumstances in life to dictate the person you were designed to be and the impact that you can create.

I just finished taking The Gallup Organization‘s Strength’s Finder (You need to purchase one of their resources in order to get the code to take the test). My major themes are – Futuristic, Connectedness, Woo, Includer, and Ideation.

For Myers-Briggs Type Indicator I am an ENFP. I’ve taken at least a half-dozen spiritual gift tests (More tests, tests, and tests) over the years, my recurring gifts seem to be Encouragement, Pastor/Sheppard, Teaching… Administration is also somewhere in there for some reason, but I don’t believe it.

With all this though, nothing comes close to what I’ve learned about myself through my journey with God and life with my wife. This weekend I’m off to take my bride to Niagara Falls

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  • David Trigueros February 17, 2005, 12:04 pm

    Hello Lon, nice thoughts, great findings on Strength’s Finder. I’ve done that also. Erwin, Mosaic, yes, all day. Keep writing. Are you pastoring somewhere?

  • djchuang February 18, 2005, 5:31 pm

    StrengthsFinder was the most helpful assessment test I’ve taken to date, much better than the simpler tests with letters or animals. I guess I’m just too complicated. My StrengthsFinder themes: ideation, input, strategic, adaptability, woo.

  • mrclm April 6, 2005, 1:02 am

    I’m an M.Div student at Bethel Seminary in the Transformational Leadership track. I took Stregths Finder test twice, 6 months apart. My top 6 all stayed the same, but were in somewhat different order. I took a course based around the book “Strengths Quest” and had an opportunity to talk with Chip Anderson, one of the two men who developed the Strengths Finder system. It was an amazing experience. I think the most impressive part of SF is having the right person do your reading. The first person who gave me a reading of my Strengths didn’t really tell me much. After the second time I took it, I had Brian Schubring go through it with me and he blew my mind with the depth of insight he had about the way God had hard-wired me. I am still astonished by his insight a few years later. My church’s leadership have all taken the test and we’ve graphed our results, which can be quite interesting and helpful in learning hwo to deal with each other and how to best utilize each other.

    My Stregths Finder results were Activator, Learner, Context, Command, Significance. I work most strongly out of Command and Significance, even though they are not in my top 3. If you have a professional interpret for you, you can find out more than your top 5. They have access to all 35 and where you land with it. I am going to have my fiancee take it before the end of the school year and we’re doing an interpretation together (before we get married). I think it will be very insightful, and encourage you do get your wife to do it and get a pro to enterpret you two together.

    I stumbled onto your Blog by searching out others with “Leadership” in their profile (since I have it in mine). Nice blog, I’ll keep reading it.

    MrCLM (Big Chris)

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