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Niagara falls was beautiful… not so much the breath-taking waterfalls crashing down, but the excellent time away with even more excellent company.

This weekend we’re going yurting. I’ve never heard of it either. Leave it to crazy Canadians to trying to find creative ways to have fun in the winter.

Our new small group community met up last night, we’ve been slowing making our way through James. Discussing through the section on favoritism reminded me of a conviction that came to me during the Christmas holidays last year.

It’s something that happens often to all of us i’m sure. I was walking with family and passed an owner and their dog. We immediately gathered around the cute little animal and started playing with it, but I accidentally locked eyes with the owner. Right then, it shuddered through my soul, how my heart went out more to a dog then the human being right next to it. We subtly devalue people. We do it when we see babies all the time as well. Maybe because we’ve been hurt too often by big people, or we know that dogs and babies won’t judge us. But in fact, it’s we who’ve judged others.

Our judgements and assumptions of people are intricately tied to the way we treat them. I sometimes ignore people because I see them as less than that. Less than God’s wonderfully divine creation. Less than the broken image of God longing to be restored. Less than beautiful. Maybe we’d act differently if that was the only judgement we make as we encounter the world.

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  • James February 20, 2005, 4:26 am

    I agree. If even a small group of people could lead their lives centered around a few simple core values, the results would be phenomenal.

    Just stumbled upon your blog. Good Job!

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