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God is the ultimate missionary

The first of several core values…

God is the ultimate missionary. God passionately pursues every one of us with His love. Whether we are believers or not every one of us is, and continues to be, God’s mission field. Mission is God’s initiative, not ours. We are never alone on this mission. The Holy Spirit goes ahead of us preparing the hearts of men and women long before we arrive. Jesus serves as the ultimate example of seeking the lost and revealing God’s love. God’s missionary heart for people is not a crutch, but the inspiration, power, and example by which we move with him on mission.

I spoke at a high school group last night on their theme verse for the year, from 1 John 1:7, which also happens to be one of my life verses. “If we walk in the light, as he is in the light, we have fellowship with one another”.

This verse was transformational to me, because I use to struggle with how to make fellowship happen. How to create a community that loved as Christ did. Was it by having a cool theme, sharing, music, games, and snacks? This verse makes the subtle declaration that when people are convicted by the God of light, and are forming the character of Christ as they walk in the light, community and fellowship is a direct result. It is inevitable.

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