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Rhythm, Campus, Sex, and Hope…

I can honestly say that I like my pace of life right now. God has been speaking to me on so many levels. The excitement and urgency for life has been there as usual, but more importantly a reflective stream of peace and assurance has been flowing down under. Not necessarily all at the same time, but a rhythm that my heart just loves beating to.

We recently had an all day ‘meeting’ at the woodbine race track for work. They brought, Canadian Olympic gold medalist, Adam van Koeverden, to come speak to us about perseverance. It’s amazing how many people left inspired by a kid at least half their age. This was another affirmation to me that this world can be led by those who risk and strive to live from the core of who they are, and not necessarily by those who are ‘older’ or more experienced.

I just spoke at UTCCF Friday night. What a great bunch. I miss the campus and all that it represents. Diversity, culture, future, leadership, exploration, possibilities, passion… it is such a privileged environment to be in. Maybe we’re not sending out enough missionaries. In Toronto at least, it seems like God’s brought the nations to our doorsteps.

Last night our newly weds group got together again, and the topic for the night was… sex. All I want to say about it was that it was a strenuous test of maturity for me. Yvonne thinks I really need to work being able to keep a straight face with a lot of this stuff, especially if I’m going to be counseling people in the future. Well, I only uncontrollably giggled inappropriately once… and that was only because people were being graphic, and all I was thinking in my head was ‘you can do this… you’re doing it… you’re almost looking professional…’ and then burst realizing how hard I was trying.


On a more deeper and personal note… Yvz and I have been having some ‘soul talk’ and been realizing some more subtle condemning attitudes that we have. These dispositions are so challenging because they are so deep rooted and easily disguised as a genuine desire for good. For me, I’ve come to realize that I am designed and built my life around a lens of hope and goodness. Which isn’t a bad thing, but when I encounter those who are disheartened, or perceived as having lost hope, I have a hard time allowing them to be as they are. What got me was the conviction that some people might be able to sense a level of disappointment within me about who they are as a person… and that’s flat out wrong and needs to change.

What gets to me even more is how a person of hope and confidence in God such as myself, could ever feel a loss of hope in people? Something that came out while I was speaking Friday was that – if God believes in us, more than we could ever believe in him. Maybe we need to believe in people, more than they believe in themselves.

Of all people, followers of Jesus should be speakers of truth and hope to all humanity.

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