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I’m in phoenix right now. The skies are unbelievably blue, and the city itself is a miraculous flatland surrounded by mountains. I find it intriguing how the dry and cracked earth resembled the sun-scorched skin many of the locals had… nothing at all against them, but it’s fascinating that there is this observable relationship between the land and its people.

On my way to the resort, I had an excellent conversation with the cab driver who was a business student from Somalia. We shared our dreams… mine of leading a community of faith and his of starting a business and marrying four wives (since it’s religiously legit there). It was hilarious. He shared about how family values are all messed up in America. I picked his brain on living in Africa. He plans on returning home a hero, as an educated entrepreneur. With all the people aiding, developing, and even capitalizing on the needs and opportunities in Africa, it’s amazing how much need remains. I left quite pumped about going there someday.

The conference for work was one of the better ones. I find myself being acutely attentive to the way people speak / present. After two years of telling people I’ll be joining toastmasters, I think I’m finally on the cusp of committing. I have so much that I’m passionate about. I would love to hone my abilities to communicate it all to people.

Other updates…

I attended the Tribe of Issachar event – Beyond the King’s Gate. Our own ETCBC, Pastor Alfred Lam spoke on the story of Esther. He challenged the crowd of future leaders to explore why we have been so blessed and placed in such a privileged position.

I met up with my mentor and I was blown away as usual. Each time I’m encountered by real stories of hardship and experiences that make much of what I am often convicted of seem merely theoretical. I have so much more life to live.

Our community opened up for a Thanks&Giving dinner, organized by yours truly. Another reminder that my organizational and event planning skills are lacking. I attempted to visit every small group in our church to enourage people to invite friends… many people said that the night was a success, but even with the challenges of inviting people to an event such as this, I still couldn’t help but feel that God has placed more people than this in our lives. All that being said, the predominant theme in my life the last while, is that above all else, even results, we simply need to be faithful.

I wanted to be Catalyst this weekend… looking forward to hearing people’s experiences from it.

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