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Random Updates…

Life has been a bit erratic the last while. I’ve fallen ill again. All the usual cold/flu symptoms and worst of all, fatigue, and an inability to fall sleep. The apartment is a complete mess. After a trip around world to Tel Aviv, Hong Kong, and Montreal, El Al airlines just returned my palm 13 days later. It’s completely dead, dented and missing its memory card. My car stereo’s locked me out, the speaker’s busted, and the windows chipped. The to-do lists are piling up. Lying in my bed, I’ve started informally composing a poem that I’ll finish up later. It’s called… I want to change the world, but I need to wash dishes. I’ve hacked at least two glasses of phlegm today. I’ve vowed to start taking care of myself and start exercising. My wife’s in Ottawa this week, and I miss her.

On top of all that, I’ve learned today that I’m currently taking up excessive ecological footprint. If everyone on earth lived the way I do, we would need 5 planets. How about you?

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  • Eve April 8, 2005, 4:10 pm

    Hi! I live in Montreal and I used to go to school with an Yvonne. Did Yvonne go to school here?

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