August 2004

Los Angeles Dream Center

I wasn’t sure what to expect from the Dream Center. I knew it was one of the fastest growing churches in America. Browsing their webpage, after seeing a picture of their pastor, Matthew Barnett, I found myself still wondering who the real pastor was. He looked younger than me!   It is in fact a […]

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Random Updates…

Life has been a bit erratic the last while. I’ve fallen ill again. All the usual cold/flu symptoms and worst of all, fatigue, and an inability to fall sleep. The apartment is a complete mess. After a trip around world to Tel Aviv, Hong Kong, and Montreal, El Al airlines just returned my palm 13 […]

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God? Marriage? What?…

A friend of mine asked me last night out of the leftfield, ‘why does the Bible refer to God as a male?” I was a bit startled at first, and then I couldn’t get over the fact that I didn’t have a thought out answer for such a simple question. I decided to just open […]

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Back from California…

I’m backlogged in thoughts and pictures. The travelling was a nightmare, but everything in between was most excellent. We travelled via El AL (Air Israel) since they offered the only direct flights. There’s too much to say about our experience, but I just looked up a few descriptions of typical EL AL security like this […]

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sweet california

Sweet California, I miss you already..

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Visiting Mosaic, LA

A mosaic of … Mosaic at the night club site. We finally met Erwin McManus. Check out the sweat stains on him after the intense message!

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us in monterey california

Us at Monterey for our first year anniversary

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I’m Off!!

Wish I had time to post more… I’m off to L.A. and San Francisco…

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