June 2004

Leaving for Ottawa tonight…

I’m so late. Had to wrap up some last minute work before the holidays, and finish the remaining 70% of my paper. I don’t usually do this because most of my papers are fairly dry, but here’s my paper on Gospel, Church and Culture. It was a bit crammed, and I had to follow a […]

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What makes you come alive?

I’m knee deep immersed in writing my final integration paper for Gospel, Church, and Culture today. I got caught behind because I was speaking at UTCCF this past week on outreach. It was excellent to be back involved in campus ministry again, even if just for a moment. I also managed to read two John […]

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xxxChurch and Mosaic…

I read this excellent article this morning (the string of comments afterwards is what was really insightful), regarding xxxchurch ministry and their experience at Mosaic church. x3church is a very interesting organization that seeks to go directly engage the world of pornography with the love of Christ while providing hope to those who have been […]

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Jesus Sings…

I’ve never heard anyone describe this. Or at least I never noticed it before, but check this verse out… “Both the one who makes men holy and those who are made holy are of the same family. So Jesus is not ashamed to call them brothers. He says, ‘I will declare your name to my […]

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Random links…

My coworker, Cliff, who i’ve been overtly reaching out to just started his own blog. Some humbling remarks on myself I might add. Thanks Cliff it’s an honour to be sharing my faith journey with you. A speaker that has influenced my life a lot lately, Erwin McManus talks about the Primal Essence of Leadership […]

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Out of commission…

Who thought that last post was lame? That was the seminary student side of me coming out… intrigued with social commentary / academia and all that jazz. My apologies, some days it feels extremely important to me, other times (like right now) it seems embarrasingly like meaningless drivel. Back to what’s actually going on. I’ve […]

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The New Public Square

I’ve been taking Gospel, Church and Culture this summer at Tyndale. Here are some excerpts from an interesting article I recently finished – The not-so-naked new public square by Rodney Clapp: “Shopping malls have quite consciously been built and presented as public squares, commons, or downtowns. Mall architecture incorporates-albeit in an artificial, thermostatically regulated fashion-many […]

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Crazy old man…

I went to a conference this weekend and one of the guest speakers was Paul Henderson, the hockey dude who scored the ‘goal of the century’ for Canada in ’72. He was awesome. In sixty-year-old-man-rhetoric, he was speaking about how as Christians we are not here to ‘fiddle & fart around’, but to impact people […]

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