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Starting over again…

Well I’ve decided to start journaling online again. I’ve never managed to keep one of these going for more than a year. From my childhood days when I ran my own BBS to several sites I tried to maintain over the past 4 years. Hopefully by going with the simple blogger pre-set system it’ll be a little easier to manage.

I’ve had several apprehensions about starting out again, one simply because I know it’s not the best way of communicating with people. From everything I’ve learned about communicating to people things like blogs and email is that it may be efficient, but it’s questionable whether it’s actually effective. As my wonderful wife always tells me there’s not like some good face to face. My friend ebrian mentions his struggles here trying to maintain friendships / conversations when some people read what you write while others don’t.

The other thing that’s been holding me back is that maybe I’m too old to be blogging. It’s not like I don’t have a million other things to do, and do I really want to expose my thoughts now that I’m an adult? Where most teens I know love sharing completely unfiltered, I find most adults I know have grown increasingly cautious about the things that they say… likely for fear of criticism and judgment.

I find that I too share these fears somewhat. That some may say “that’s not completely correct”, “I could have communicated that much better”, “Is that as deep as he can go?”… I’ve been teaching others and learning myself the last while that these fears are false and in no way should stop any one of us from being who God has called us to be, just as we are.

Anyhow, I hope to journal online as a spiritual discipline. I find writing down my devotions solidify many of my thoughts and help me hold myself accountable. I hope that it also does provide some form of encouragement and that some of you might also be able to pull out a nugget or two of insight as I strive to be a genuine follower of Jesus.

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