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Prayer / Passion…

Last night at our small group, we all had the opportunity to break out and spend some meaningful time with God which was great. I find my prayer life is still in its very early stages of developemnt and has been somewhat at a low the last while. I believe it is because I’ve replaced it with a lot of reading… i’ve been learning at an accelerated rate the last while, and I have much to share from it, but at the same time, much of it can be reduced to heresay… rumours of someone else’s conversation with God.

I’ve made a renewed commitment to listening to God. Last night the phrase that God is a jealous God was impressed upon me. That God is so passionate about me and so desires that I receive his blessing, that it causes what humans would equate as a form of jealousy.

It also dawned on me with all that I talk to others about passion, there is no one more passionate than the living and redeeming God himself. It came to me that as I draw closer to Him, He will give me this passion as well.

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